About Us

about1 The college of Nursing Sciences & Research encompasses a full spectrum of undergraduate and graduate programmes that prepare nursing scholars for a career in the healthcare industry. With PLNC degree, graduates enter the health care field with a solid foundation in research, theory, clinical skills, and hands-on community service, which sets them apart as leaders in their profession, who are qualified to bring change in the face of health care delivery.

Here at PLNC, we understand the core values of caring, excellence, integrity, and diversity that summarise the development of professional nurses today and over the ages. The degree programmes focus on the development of critical thinking and judgment, understanding of health systems and economics, interdisciplinary care, public health, and communications in a variety of health care settings.


The physical layout accommodates numerous learning areas according to the need of the students. The labs consist of more than 100 hospital beds holding regular patient & mannequins. Patients with movable limbs and replaceable parts, are recipients of a variety of nursing interventions like Repositioning, Injections, Intravenous Catheters, Nasogastric Tubes, Foleys Catheters, Wound Care, and Oxygenation Therapy. The uniqueness of the Lab is that it combines the atmosphere of the hospital environment with sophisticated learning technology.


Maternal and Child Health Lab

Maternal and Child Health Lab is designed to demonstrate and provide hands on practice regarding antenatal, intranatal and postnatal procedures. We teach and perform various practices and procedures related to new born care and child health. The uniqueness of the Lab is that it combines the atmosphere of the hospital environment with sophisticated learning technology. It is instrumental for ensuring the success of all our nursing students as they progress throughout their baccalaureate program.


Community Health Nursing Lab

Community Health Nursing Lab helps students to learn simulation based preventive and curative health services which are applicable in rural and urban community areas.


Nutrition Lab

Nutrition lab is well equipped for Teaching as well as hands on practice of planning and preparation of therapeutic diet.

Computer Lab

Students acquire basic as well as advanced computer skills using computer lab.

Class Room

All classrooms and lecture theatres are equipped with modern teaching aids and are provided with comfort and conductive environment for learning and assimilation.

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